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What if you said YES?


Hello, Friends!

Thank you for your interest in Rodan + Fields! I believe everyone has the opportunity to make a difference in their own lives — and in the lives of others. Our unique business model offers an unparalleled personal enterprise opportunity for individuals to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs connected via social networks. At the core of everything we do is a commitment to create positive change in people’s skin and in their lives.
I'm always looking for intentional entrepreneurs to join our team. My passion is grounded in supporting the growth of other people's businesses and turning their dreams into reality. I'm excited to share this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with you and would love to schedule a time to talk with you privately.

The Company

Rodan + Fields® is redefining the future of anti-aging skincare and business. Founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, world-renowned dermatologists and creators of Proactiv® Solution, we are a premium skincare brand built on a legacy of innovative dermatology-based skincare products that are backed by clinically tested results.
We are a network marketing company that leverages a direct sales distribution model, social commerce, and technology. This means YOU can work your business on your own terms, anytime, anywhere.
▪ Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are the most well-known names in dermatology worldwide and were recently ranked two of the top 10 women entrepreneurs of the decade.
▪ Our products were previously sold in high-end retail and were #1 in Nordstrom.
▪ We are the #1 PREMIUM SKINCARE BRAND, across ALL sales channels, across ALL price points, in North America.
▪ We are the fastest-growing premium skincare line in the U.S. for the 6th year in a row.
▪ We launched in Canada in 2015 and are the #1 fastest-growing brand there.
▪ We exceeded $1 BILLION in revenue in 2016 and are growing at more than 90% annually.
▪ R+F is changing the face of entrepreneurship.
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The Market

▪ Skincare is a $3.9 BILLION dollar market (and growing) that did not decline during recessions.
▪ All geographic markets are unsaturated. We have barely scratched the surface of the U.S. and Canada.
▪ There is an unprecedented opportunity to be first to YOUR market.
▪ International expansion began in Canada in February 2015.
▪ We launch into Australia in Fall 2017 soon with Asia and the Korea markets to follow. Then the rest of the world!

The Business

▪ We are NOT a party company!
▪ We do NOT keep inventory!
▪ We do NOT make deliveries!
▪ R+F is lavished with free press.
▪ Most Consultants who are successful work an average of 5-15 hours per week around full-time jobs or children (or both).
▪ We generate business by sharing with others about the R+F brand through social media, in person, and on the phone.

The Products

The vision is to bring dermatological-grade products and tools to the masses through the power of word of mouth and social commerce. We offer our family and friends RESULTS with our 4 main regimens:
1.REDEFINE: For the appearance of fine lines, pores, and loss of firmness
2.REVERSE: For dullness, dark spots, sun damage, and discoloration
3.UNBLEMISH: For acne and post-acne scarring
4.SOOTHE: For Sensitive skin We also offer our award winning anti-aging tools (another $3 BILLION dollar industry), like the AMP MD SYSTEM and ACUTE CARE to help enhance results. You can view the entire USA Catalog here and the Canada Catalog here. *(The catalog links are currently only viewable from your Desktop PC.)
*Please note, USA, Canada, and Australia all have slightly different inventories.

Product Innovation!

Check out one of our newest products, LASH BOOST here! Women are RAVING about this stuff as the demand and market for LASHES is enormous.
Lash Boost is a nightly conditioning serum that pairs with any R+F regimen to enhance the natural appearance of your lashes in just 4 weeks, for lashes that are fuller-looking, longer-looking, and darker-looking so that you can feel beautiful anytime, anywhere. Best results at 8 weeks!
BONUS: You can use it on your brows!
This product is making a SPLASH across all social media! The beauty editors are crazy about it and so are we! It is a layering super serum that uses our patent-pending 3D3P Molecular Matrix to deliver 30% glycerin and cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid in an elegant, lightweight formula. It provides a 200% INCREASE in your skin's HYDRATION LEVEL upon first use by pulling water from the atmosphere to nourish and replenish the skin for 8 hours!! We have quickly become obsessed with it! It can be used with all of our regimens and provides amazing benefits for all skin types!

The Work (what DO we actually do)

It is simple: We promote skincare products that work and a life-changing business venture with everyone we know. From the product side, we are simply SHARING products that HELP our family and friends with their REAL skin concerns. The great thing about promoting highly consumable products is the ability to earn residual income. As people order products that they love over and over again, you get paid over and over again, for work you did once! As you share the business opportunity, your residual income grows more as your team shares with their networks. If you are willing to be intentional in conversation and SHARE this gift with others around you, you will do great!

The Compensation

Rodan + Fields compensation plan is designed to reward both part-time and full-time efforts with the opportunity to earn both immediate and residual income.
* We are paid on sales to our personal customers.
* We are paid on sales to personal consultants.
* We are paid on team sales.
There is uncapped earning potential.
Additional incentives: Lexus, FREE luxury trips (Napa, Hawaii, Australia, French Riviera, and more!) We also have fun team incentives for designer bags, jewelry, $$, etc.

The Investment

▪ First, choose your kit! Business Kits come with a 60 day money back guarantee. Try risk free!
▪ You can recoup your initial investment within your first 45-60 days with our FAST START PROGRAM.
▪ Monthly Overhead averages around $100 and is tax deductible. Here's what you get:
$24.95/month: Pulse Subscription
--Your personal R+F product website and Solution Tool
--Your personal R+F business website
--Pulse: Business Management System
--Training materials and videos
--Marketing and sales materials
$80/month: Product Purchases
--Personal product replenishment
--Incentive gifts
--Retail sales

Is This Right For Me?

The short answer is "YES!" This is for EVERYONE who has a reason why. What could extra income do for you and your family? Why do YOU need R+F in your life? Whether you are looking to cover the cost of your skincare products, build a shameless shoe fund, replace a full-time income, or anything in between, we are here to support you in reaching your goals! No matter what your personality, background, job training, schedule, stage of life etc., we ALL have the capability of doing well with R+F. The only thing you MUST be is coachable. So ask yourself if you are willing to learn from others who have proven success. By joining our team, you will have access to the BEST available training out there. The great part is that everything is accessible via computer or phone. This business is mobile. You can do it when you want and how you want. You work for yourself but not by yourself. Our team is incredibly supportive, collaborative, fun, and encouraging. You will never be alone! It's a game-changer for you, your family, and your own personal situation. This is for EVERYONE who wants a change in their life! Nothing changes if nothing changes.
If you haven't listened to our R+F Opportunity Call, please take 20 minutes to dial in and hear why we believe this is the BEST opportunity on the planet!
DIAL: 319.527.2884
CODE: 898236#
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