Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Chloe Jaymes Birth Story

Wow---I can't believe it's been 3 weeks.. I have just taken in the last 24 days enjoying this new little one that came into the world. Adjusting to having 2--let's just say it's been a challenge. I have been replaying this day in my head for the past 3 weeks really wanting to write about it, but just haven't had the time to sit down.

Let's get to the story...

As you all know I was induced at 38 weeks due to having high blood pressure. My pregnancy was high risk--Lots of doc appointments,  but my care this pregnancy was by far THE BEST! I was put on blood pressure medication in the first trimester and I was able to come off it around 30 weeks--I was so excited to get off the meds. 

I had my 36 week appointment at the high risk doctor on August 31, 2016 I was so excited everything was going great and I didn't have to go back!! NO more high risk doc appointments--even tho I secretly loved to go since I would get an ultrasound every other week when I was going. At this point it my pregnancy it was a waiting game and praying I didn't get pre-eclampsia like I did with our first and end up delivering at 36.5 weeks. Every day that went past was a blessing I was able to carry her longer than Ava and have her develop. 

Had my weekly appointments at my midwife and we ended up doing a membrane stripping at 37.5 weeks to maybe help with labor and prevent an induction. Once this was done it was a waiting game of what water breaks, will i have contractions? Well contractions started but nothing major...We made sure everything was ready and had my mom stay with us in case we needed to head out in the middle of the night. 

..labor didn't happen naturally--so Friday, September 16th at 8am induction was scheduled. 

Mike and I arrived to the hospital (a little late) but we got there..I was finally hooked up to pitocin around 9 am, at this point I was 3cm dilated. I called my doula and told her to head in. 

Daddy getting all the CORD blood stuff together. 
9 tubes of blood had to be taken since we were doing CORD blood banking. This part was not fun, 3 pokes later they got it all. 

Now it's a waiting game..I rocked, walked, bounced on the ball, used the peanut ball--anything--BUT nothing was happening. very mild contractions but nothing I couldn't handle. I really wanted to do a natural birth this time. 

The Anesthesiologist came in to get the paperwork signed just in case I did want it, I signed it, but once she left I had a panic. Remembering how bad the epideral was with baby #1 and hearing the affects of a bad one and what COULD happen. I said well, I don't think I'm going to do that. 

It was smooth sailing. I was feeling confident about everything. My parents came to visit while Ava was in school and some friends too. 

2pm--midwife comes in and apparently I am too happy to be on the max (20) dose of pitcoin   so somethings going to have to change...she said either break my water or a 2 DAY INDUCTION. I said SAY WHAT 2 days! NOOO thank you! So she said well, looks like i'm going to break your water. 

2:30pm water was broken and before she even left the room contractions were starting...and they were STRONG! 2-3 minutes apart--looks like that's what I needed to get things going. 

My midwife looked at me and said well that's what was needed to get things moving. Contractions were going and I was starting to be in LOTS and LOTS of pain. Walking, bouncing, rocking ---anything to help..I was screaming in pain--I can't do this! But my wonderful husband and doula said YOU CAN, YOU DID this once already! I think all of 30 minutes went by and I SAID I WANT THE EPIDURAL NOW. But I couldn't get it right then, I needed fluids first.  

Fluids were pumped and I was screaming where is the anasteaologist. I remember having Mike and my doula call our nurse several times wondering where the HELL was she. Once the anasteaologist arrived panic set in--I had a bad experience with my epidural with Ava, so  my nerves came out and she was able to see I was scared and had a bad one before, Mike was able to keep my calm so I could get some relief. Epidural was done around 4:15 and I was 6cm at this point.  Midwife came in and said if you want a nap, better get it in now. My wonderful doula at this point left and went to the cafeteria to get something to eat since she figured it could be a while and I wanted to rest. 

It was raining room was dark and I was just laying down watching the news and trying to shut my eyes for a bit. Mike was sitting on the couch and we were chatting. He went into the bathroom and I remember screaming for him and saying "call the NURSE NOW" he didn't hear me, or maybe he was ignoring me since they called her so much and didn't want to bother her...So i yelled again...I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO PUSH, CALL THE NURSE! At this point I think 30 minutes went by from the time I was able to rest--so needless to say I didn't get much. Nurse comes in and checks me....SHE SAYS, YOUR 10CM were having a baby!!! 

SCARED, NERVOUS, ANXIOUS, EXCITED---it all sets in. I tell Mike, you better text the Doula or she's going to miss this! Then the rush of everyone comes into the room, people wonderful midwife looks at the bed and say's were delivering on a hospital bed, this isn't a labor bed--well we made it work. Pushed through 3 or 4 contractions and a healthy beautiful baby girl Chloe Jaymes was born at 5:17pm and when she came out it stopping raining and the sun came out!

Born Sept 16, 2016 6 lbs, 6oz 20.5 inches long

It was the most amazing labor experience ever. My midwife and team were WONDERFUL. 
Mike for dealing with me during this pregnancy...
My family for helping..
Ava a wonderful BIG sister..

...and now life starts with a family of 4

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