Friday, September 11, 2015

Take your Life Back Group!

I want to help you!!! So starting SEPTEMBER 27th I am going to run a "take back your life" stress and anxiety support and accountability group!
For 6 weeks its all about finding your happy place, giving you the tools and the tips to over come anxiety based on my own experience! I'm not a doctor or a therapist, I'm just a girl who has found what works for her! Maybe it will be the think for you too!

I truly feel that if you don't take time to make sure you have a clear workout space.  Like a space that isn't going to cause you more anxiety!! Recently my husband got some equipment for our home gym and I had no floor space or my workouts.  Just the thought of having to go into that room with no space to workout brought me anxiety! So that was not going to do me any good at all. I moved myself and made my own space upstairs. 

Then, meal planning!  Again, don't wait until the night before or Monday morning when you are already late for work to figure out what you are going to eat!  Take the time to sit down with the nutrition guide, figure out which category you fall into.  Print out the blank meal plan guide and fill it out. Make a grocery list of things you need to pick up at the store and get ready for Monday!  When you feel in control with your food, your meals, your to do list then you are more likely to stick with it!  If you start Monday frazzled then we are not helping you to manage your anxiety and stress. Last night I didn't pack lunches and we were rushed getting out the door this morning and it just gave me anxiety thinking about it all. 

So #1 PLAN AHEAD!  Don't Procrastinate. That is not going to do you any good!  Part of this group is changing old HABITS!!!  So, today set your intentions for Monday.  Set aside 30 minutes to review the meal plan, to check out my Eat Clean Recipes Tab or the Fixate Cookbook for meals for the week.  I promise when Monday morning rolls around you are going to be so much more prepared!  I know we can't prevent every obstacle but we sure can do our very best!

Here are my tips for my challengers this week!  I hope this helps you plan as well:

  • Does this sound like something you would like to do?
  • If you are interested please complete the application below to be considered for a spot in the group.
  • Space is limited and it's first come first to commit get the spots.
Want to join in then  APPLY with this link!

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