Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A fresh CLEAN Slate

So I started the 21 Day Fix Extreme a few weeks ago and lets just say that I wasn't 100% in it!  Mentally and physically I wasn't there.  I was totally just going through the motions and doing the workouts but I wasn't following the nutrition plan to the T.  I wasn't pushing myself hard in the workouts and my energy level and my lack of results were proof that I was just sorta lolly gagging thru it!  I felt awful, I didn't feel confident about my progress and I really wasn't enjoying myself.  I needed a fresh start!  I kept saying, "Tomorrow is my fresh start"  I would make it all the way until dinner and then I would fall apart! Raiding the pantry, eating cheese its and sugar cookies that we baked! Having sweets all the time.  I was literally sabotaging myself and then feeling guilty for it! 

why was I undoing all my hard work with these bad choices??  Seriously it is totally a vicious cycle!  I mean I teach others about these choices every day and I'm doing it too.  This goes to show that even a coach like me can still get off track at times.  

I basically wiped the slate clean on Monday I am starting with a fresh meal plan 21 Day Fix Extreme Count Down To competition with the 21 day fix Extreme!

If I wanted to feel my best I had to cut out the dairy and that included my all time favorite GREEK YOGURT!  It was a hard pill to swallow but I really felt so much better when I didn't eat it.

If you would like to join me in my August 24th Back to School and 21 Day Fix Extreme Support and Accountability Group please complete the application below!  I would love to have some friends on this journey with me! There is power in numbers!!!!

Use Wufoo integrations and get your data to your favorite apps.

I am human. 
I do not have super powers.
I am recommitting to myself.
It is time.
One step at a time. 
I deserve to be the best form of me.
God gave me this beautiful, healthy body and I need to use it to its fullest potential.
You don't have to wait Til Monday to start.
Just decide that you are sick + tired of being sick + tired.
Set small goals for yourself and celebrate those victories.
Visualize your success.
Take one day at a time. 
Just keep moving forward.
I am committing today to something I have never done before. 
I am hoping you can all keep me accountable.
Like a smart women once said-- we should be treating our programs like we are all in a test group all of the time.
So I am going to do just that.
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