Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Skinny on The Ultimate Reset

Well I have to say my mom bought the ultimate rest a while ago and didn't complete it due to her having her heart attack. She gave it to me and it's been sitting in the pantry of the kitchen! I have put it off for so long and i look at it and I saw i'm going to do this, I need to do this! And you know what I AM GOING TO START!
Day 1 is going to be on Tuesday, May 12th. With Mother's Day on Sunday we will have family over and I know that will not give me the time to prep and get all the shopping done so this is what I plan to do on Monday! We have a full list of things planned in the month of May, but instead of putting it off even longer I am going to put my self to the test! Can I do it! I think I CAN!

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is not really a cleanse in the word you would probably think of. Normally when people think of a cleanse they picture themselves off and running to the toilet all day because of harsh processed chemicals flushing your body out. This is not the case with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. This is not a starvation diet, there are no harsh laxatives and you will not be sprinting to the restroom every five minutes with stomach cramps. Your body will not be deprived but instead you will be providing your body with all of the nutrients that it has been craving.
RESULTS GUARANTEED!  Simply put, in only 21-days, you will be an entirely new person.  Guaranteed or it’s free.   Team Beachbody is so confident of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, that they have backed it with a full, 30-day, money back guarantee!

What are the three phases of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

Phase 1: Reclaim
In Phase 1 you will Reclaim your body, balance your body’s inner chemistry and get it ready for change.
Phase 2: Release
In Phase 2 you will Release the toxic compounds stored within your tissues that are clogging your cells. This will wash away years of impurities.
Phase 3: Restore
In this Phase you will Restore your metabolism back to it’s maximum efficiency while fortifying your body with the nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics it needs to maintain healthy performance in the future.

Why Do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

Even though the body is extremely resilient, our bodies have been pushed to the limit by pollution, pesticides, preservatives, chemicals, and toxins contained in nearly every item that makes up our modern world. These harmful items disrupt the normal function of our organs and bodily systems, which, in turn, weakens our immunity, hinders metabolic activity, and creates imbalances that can lead to health problems.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset’s Benefits

  • Stronger immune system
  • Increased energy and more endurance
  • Better digestion, metabolism and weight loss
  • A more positive mood and mental clarity
  • Have more energy and greater focus
  • Experience better digestion and a more positive mood
  • Enable your body to function more efficiently
  • Lose weight
  • Improve your overall health

What’s included in the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

Six Essential Supplements:
The Ultimate Reset Nutritional s are uniquely formulated to help restore your body to optimal health.
  • Alkalinize – Helps maintain alkalinity.
  • Soothe – Help enhance digestive health and reduce inflammation with our healthy blend of organic botanicals aloe vera and curcumin.
  • Mineralize – Adds natural minerals needed by the body.
  • Detox – Helps remove toxins and waste in the colon.
  • Revitalize – Helps revitalize flora in the digestive tract.
  • Optimize – Promotes healthy metabolism and effective body functions.
Plus in addition to receiving the kit with a DVD and program manual you will receive the online support from me as your coach and that of the closed accountability group!  There is strength in numbers.  Having someone to trouble shoot with and ask questions makes you  more likely to succeed! Is now your time?  Do you need a little Spring Cleaning in the Body area?

Ask me how to get Started on the RESET now!!!
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