Monday, March 23, 2015

I Want To Try Shakeology But The Price Scares Me & What If I Don't Like It?

You might be reading this saying, "I NEED TO GET IN THE ZONE" BUT I JUST CAN'T FIND MY MOTIVATION!!!

That is what I am here for! My job is to help you find your inner strength, teach you how to be strong and teach you the basics of healthy choices!  Thats truly my passion because it was the #1 thing that helped me to change my mindset about food. 

When I found clean eating I realized there was another way to live- a way to eat, have energy, to feel full, to enjoy good tasting food and to lose weight! When I eat Junk, I feel like junk. 

What has Shakeology done for me:
  •   Personally it was that 1 meal a day that I didn't have to think about! It's hard enough to change your eating habits and it takes a lot of brain power to plan it out. This takes the guess work out of 1 meal each day!  
  • It kept me full for 2 1/2 to 3 hours!
  • It actually tastes really good
  • I found that I wasn't sick as often as before, which I attribute to the boost of nutrients and vitamins that my body was lacking previously.
  • It helped to curb my sweet tooth and kept me on track with my goals.
  • It was just downright convenient!  

I run 30 day clean eating and Shakeology groups, I run 60 day support and accountability groups and 21 day fix groups for the most part!  But I'm going to try something a little different!  There are a lot of people out there, JUST LIKE ME, who were skeptical of Shakeology!  I honestly had never even drank a protein shake let alone a meal replacement shake before.  I didn't want to rely on a shake to lose weight and I was afraid of the cost! What if I didn't like it, what if  invested in a month supply of shakeology and it didn't work!  
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Well the cool part is that Beachbody just came out with this new super sampler pack!  It's 6 packets of shakeology in every flavor for you to try!  So what I am going to do is host a 7 day clean eating and shakeology group to help you get the maximum benefit.

So---- how does this work!  I must be your assigned coach through teambeachbody.  If you do not have an account you can go to my site and create one for free! Then you are required to get the Super Sampler of Shakeology, that gives you access into my closed online group plus the group app on your phone for easy access!

Then, starting on MARCH 30th I will be providing you with a sample clean eating meal plan and grocery list, daily tips to start making healthier choices, snack ideas, lists of good sources of protein, carbs fruits and veggies plus the foods you should stay away from!  Each day we will post our shakeology recipe and give feedback on what we think!  You can replace any meal with shakeology and I suggest choosing the meal that you struggle with the most!  For some it's breakfast bc either you never eat breakfast or you are always running late and you hit the drive thru. 

Then our goal is to see what kind of success we can have in 7 days!  Heck, you seriously could lose a pant size if you give it 100%!!! Are you in?  Are you willing to give it a try?  Honestly it's $29.95+ shipping & tax.   That is doable!  Plus the amazing support I will be giving you will help you to start and finish and have success in 7 days!

Hit me up by filling out the application below if you would like to participate in this group.

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