Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Do friends and family support your healthy lifestyle?

What if friends & family don’t support your healthy lifestyle??

This can be a tricky territory to navigate. Having people around you who DO support you is very empowering and we created the Fit Moms Sparkle community at for this very reason! It’s so important to lift one another up and be there for each other as we reach our goals. Having support from women who are all striving for a healthy lifestyle together creates a beautiful momentum that propels you towards your dreams. You’ll also notice that the more you support others, the stronger you feel and when you least expect it, that support will come right back to you. This is an incredible place where everyone is welcome.
In addition to connecting with other #FitMomsSparkle members, I am sharing My  TOP 5 TIPS to stay on track when others may not understand your journey.

1. Know this is YOUR journey. 

If your family doesn’t support your healthy lifestyle, it’s OKAY! Regardless of what is going on around you, stay rooted in what you believe is best for your life. Stay connected with the reasons why you decided to make a healthy change in your life. You don’t need everyone’s approval—and you won’t ever get everyone’s thumbs up. While it’s definitely difficult to deal with what family or friends think you should or should not be doing, ultimately you have the right to make the choices you want for yourself. Eventually those people will come around and ask you, “Wow, how did you do it?!”

2. Understand where others are coming from. 

Your friends and family love you. They most likely want the best for you…. but change is always uncomfortable. If your relationship used to be based on getting ice cream, sharing a pizza, too many drinks, or indulging in cheese fries late night, they may feel uneasy when these things aren’t the norm anymore. Assure them that your friendship means a lot to you, and suggest other ways to indulge: spa days, pedicures, group hikes or trying healthy Cocktails too!
3. Choose to let go.
Whatever others say, let it roll off of your back. It’s easier said than done, but when you understand that any negativity is coming from fear ~  fear that they’ll have to look at their own habits when they’re not ready to ~ you can choose not to take it personally. If you have a vision of the person you want to be and become, people may not understand… and that’s okay. Not everyone can be happy for your success; it has nothing to do with you, it has to do with them and their own happiness. As they continue to grow, they’ll learn to be happy for your success or even better… They may ask to join you!!

4. Show, don’t tell. 

Avoid pushing your agenda on others. While it may be tempting to talk about your new, healthy lifestyle and how amazing you feel, it can be off-putting to those who aren’t ready to hear it. Be open to those who want to know why you’re glowing and so fit, but with others, it may be best to let them ask before you dish on everything you do. Allow your healthy lifestyle to speak for itself! If you’re patient enough, they will start asking what you’ve been doing. They’ll notice your healthy decisions, your commitment, your glowing smile and your boundless energy and they’ll be inspired to join you. But until that time comes, don’t go out of your way to tell them to ditch their morning donuts or to skip the french fries… they’ll ask when they’re ready to hear it.

5.  Be the change you want to SEE! 

Share the lifestyle with your loved ones. Without pushing your agenda on others, share your lifestyle by making it fun and inviting. If you see that there’s a nice weekend coming up, invite some friends or family to join you!
This is your lifestyle and your body. You are the one responsible for ensuring your health, happiness and longevity and you are the one who will live with the benefits of your lifestyle.  YOU APPROVE OF YOU!  

It may take some time for others to come around, but we promise ~ you are worth being happy and healthy :) The best part is that if they do eventually come around and want to become healthy too, you get to inspire the most important people in your life!
Do you have tips on how to deal when others aren’t supportive of your healthy lifestyle!? Share them in the comments below!  You never know who you’ll be helping or inspiring.
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