Saturday, December 27, 2014


Hey there! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and Holiday with your family! I know this year was super special for me because I have so much to be GRATEFUL for! I have really opened my eyes up to possibility thinking and the power of positivity since becoming a Beachbody Coach. I have learned more about perspective than I could ever imagine! I am a part of an amazingly inspiring community that pushes me each and every day to be the BEST version of me! I truly do strive to make a difference in this world instead of just being part of the population. VERY excited to dive into the planning for 2015 so I wanted to share what’s coming up! I have THREE amazing opportunities for you to check out
I absolutely thrived on the support that came from challenge groups!
This led me to become a coach to others to help them to realize that they could change their lifestyle at home no matter what their circumstances are!
I know many people will be kicking off their New Year resolutions soon so here is what’s in the books:
1. New Fitness Challenge Group beginning January 5th that includes a 21 Day Meal Plan, portion containers, short 30 minute low impact workouts, a 12 page ebook of recipes for the Meal Plan, daily online support through a private Facebook group for motivation plus accountability! Of course the Healthiest Meal of the Day is part of the meal plan too…. SHAKEOLOGY! Almost everyone who starts off in one of my groups tells me that they have “tried all the shakes in the world” and they just aren’t for them. There is a reason we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Because we know you will love it and notice such a difference when trying to live a healthier life. It does the work for you and the best part is it’s 100% All Natural. That is really hard to find now a days.  It helps with curbed cravings, boosted energy and CLINICALLY PROVEN to help you lose weight and get healthy! If you want to be a part of my next fitness group and lose anywhere from 5-15 pounds the HEALTHY way for 2015, e-mail me:, or fill out the application BELOW.

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